Boulogne-sur-Mer (Hometown)

I have shared on this blog many pictures of my trips in different places of Europe, but I realised I haven’t shared a lot of the city I come from : Boulogne-sur-Mer, located on the coast in the North of France. So, here we are !

IMG_8950 (2)

4 buildings, designed by Pierre Vivien.

Sans titre 1

Outside and insite the cathedral, designed by Benoit-Agathon Haffreingue

Sans titre 2

Four buildings and a tower (in which I lived for two years). View of the port.


Eglise Saint-Nicolas, Place Dalton, in the centre of the city



It was my first visit of Amsterdam, but not the last! The city is amazing, full of surprises. I especially loved the architecture, the crooked buildings and of course, the canals. I spent only a short time there and I haven’t been able to visit any museum or try to find the best independent café (which I love to do when I travel!).


Oh, and I found my favorite shop in Amsterdam.