Love Online – Poem

Scrolling up and down,
Scrolling left and right.
Tinder, Grindr, Twitter, Tumblr :
All the same, a waste of time.

Tick-tock, tick-tock : lost in time.

A picture lost among millions.
Like, pass, like, like, pass.
Tinder, Grindr, all the same.

When will love happen ?


NB : It wasn’t written on Valentine’s Day ! haha


People talk no more

It has been a while since this subject popped up in my mind. For the last two years, I have experienced some changes in my life. In fact, since I entered university, I have started meeting many people, from different horizons. I have always tried to develop a profound relationship with people, and the first way to achieve that is to talk. 

If you want to know someone, and I mean really know them, you have to ask intimate questions. I understand though that some people won’t accept a stranger intrusion into their privacy, and of course, I respect that. 

Therefore, I have to adapt the way I talk to people. 

However, this doesn’t mean that I want to talk about the weather all the time. You can respect others’ privacy and still learn about them (and learn from them). What I have been able to observe is that people no more try to discuss. They just talk about what they watched on TV the previous night, the clothes they bought, the parties they have planned (and of course the weather). I feel like people are scared of sharing an opinion.

I am not expecting everyone to talk about philosophy or psychology. I don’t want them to reveal their secrets. I think I just need them to be more curious.

Think about it… How often do you have a deep talk with your friends, your family, your colleagues ? I read once that when people argue on a subject, it was (generally) because they weren’t talking about the same thing. If we tried to understand one another, maybe we would have more (and better) relationships.

I do love spending time with my friends, admiring the sea, talking for hours, trying to improve our relationship and explaining why we don’t accept something, why we do accept something else. 

These are only my thoughts, and I may be mistaken. When it comes to relationship and understanding others, there is no truth