Architecture in Denmark

I was recently very lucky to accompany my pupils for a one-week school trip in Denmark. We got to visit many museums and places in Hillerød and Copenhagen. It also gave me the opportunity to take some new photographs, which I will share now.

First, let me start with some pictures of architecture. As you can see below, I have enjoyed taking black and white photographs.


This is a corridor in Louisiana, a modern art museum. This place is incredibly beautiful and the exhibitions were very interesting.


Somewhere near the main river, just on the other side of Christiniasborg.


This is another corridor, but outside. It was taken at the National History museum.


These are the stairs going down to the entrance of the Danish Architecture Centre, where I was lucky to see an incredible exhibition about young people developing ideas to preserve the planet.


The only photo in colours. This was taken at Nyhavn. It is so full of tourists and restaurants that I had troubles taking a good pictures of the colourful houses. The day after, we went on a boat trip and I seized the occasion for this amazing shot.


Interrail – Architecture

Last April, I went to Canada, and still haven’t posted any picture. However, during summer, I went on a three-week trip across Europe, visiting some of the main cities in the western countries. I took so many pictures that it took me a long time to sort them out. Here are some of my favourite ones, related to architecture.