The Anonymous Inspiration

And again it happened
Drowned in the depths of my sorrows,
The darkest,
I contemplated my soul.

Lulled by the music of my thoughts
I let them fall, tears
Tears of sadness, tears of bliss.

And Death noticed them and came,
Her cloak dancing with the wind
And there was nothing else I could do
But wait.

Wait for the Angel,
The Angel of Death.


Poem #2 : Sitting in a bus

Sitting in a bus, he sees
Their lives falling apart,
Unconscious and careless beings,
Fooling around,
Screeching and laughing loudly,
They can’t see they’re dying.

The poor kid seems himself
Withdrawin’ deeper and deeper.
He used to have faith in humans,
But this feeling exists no more.
He has nothing else to do but dream.

“Were the world mine” he thought.

Utopia #1 : What if there were no money?

Money can’t buy happiness. (But it helps)

A few weeks ago, I started thinking of a project concerning life in general. I tried to focus on several topics in order to organize the study : happiness, love and money. I have asked different questions to people around the world, concentrating first on the theme of money. The question was : “What would you do if there were no money?”.

The developments hereinafter are ideas of several people around the world, mixed up with my conception of what I have been able to see so far. I do not want to make hasty conclusion, everything below is to be seen as conditional.

A society moving back in the country?

During the past century, we had a rural exodus in developed countries. It seems that people moved from the country in order to find a job in factories and access to education. Already, we notice the place of money in the decision of finding a new job when poverty reigns in an overgrowing farming system.

Nowadays, I feel like there has been a change in the perception of what the country is. When at the beginning of the twentieth century it seemed to mean poverty, I have noticed that more and more people go there and build disproportionate houses. If this is real, there would be a move back to the country. It may be because of pollution but my view is that living in a city is more tiring and that thanks to the improvement of means of transport, people can work in cities when they live in the countryside.

Of course, building a house (or even buying one) in the countryside is expensive.

If there was no money, I would like to live in…

The countryside. Many of the replies I got were the same. People tend to aspire to live in the country, and in nature in general. For instance, some people dream about living in a forest (my idea of the perfect home is on a cliff).

Not many people have told me why they would choose a certain place rather than another one. As far as I am concerned, I love the peacefulness of nature, I love the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks. What I think is that people search in nature what they can’t find in cities anymore : tranquility…

But if there were no money, why should I settle somewhere?

I have thought about this question many times. My biggest dream is to travel all over the world and meet thousands of people. Of course, only one aspect (but which is not an insignificant one) prevent me from doing it : the lack of money.

Some people go along with my idea. I received some replies of people whose dreams were to travel over the world and discover. In these long descriptions of their fantasized travel  I have enjoyed reading, they never talked about settling anywhere.

“To live on the road”

“Whether money exists or not, I just want to love and to be loved…”

When I think of the theme of love, several definitions pop up in my mind. Of course, the first one being the existence of a lover. Many people included a “loved person” in their idealized life without money. I cannot myself imagine living in my perfect house in my perfect place without a perfect person to share it with. But many times, I have wondered whether this was necessary or not. I still remain without an answer and I am not sure I will find it. Time will tell.

Other people aspire to a life with their friends, settling somewhere or travelling with them. My opinion is that true love does not only exist with one person, but can be found in friendship, especially a very close one. That’s why I included friends in this section.

In fact, travelling is amazing. Living in the perfect house in the perfect place is too. But I think it is much more amazing when you have people to share your happiness with. I am sure many people would agree with that.

Observing the world

So far, the themes I have tackled are the places where people would settle (or not, for those who dream about travelling) and love.

Very often, people who have told me that they would travel, if money didn’t prevent them from doing it, have added that they would observe the world. Of course, in a world where money reigns, we have to work to survive and sometimes (well, very often) we don’t have time to observe the world around us. Or it may be that we don’t take the time to look what surrounds us. If money did not exist, we would have the time to look. Moreover, we would have another reason to observe the world : to stave off boredom.

Not only (I hope future) travelers have admitted wanting to admire the world. I also got this reply from artists, mostly people interested in photography. These people already do that but they would use the time won (if they didn’t have to work) to devote themselves to photography. Drawers have told me so too.

Reading and writing

It will be the last theme I will talk about for the moment. As other people who have answered the question, I dream about reading and writing in the perfect house in the perfect place, with the perfect people around me. I dream about reading other people’s traveling stories, I dream about writing mine.

There may be no perfect place for me. Just a perfect “home”, on the road.

Why should we wait for money to disappear?

Money may never disappear from our society. There are dreams more or less difficult to realize but as we say : when there’s a will, there’s a way!

Tomorrow, why not take the time to look around you. Look at nature, look at buildings, whatever makes you filled with joy. If you aspire to travel and you feel hold back because of money, why don’t you try to take a bag and walk? These are the things I love to say to myself before I go to bed and they give me hope.

I am not saying that it is easy, but it is not attempting the impossible either.