Don’t break the chain

I know myself… well, more or less. What I am sure though is that I am lazy. Therefore, in order to write regularly, I need some discipline. 

I have started a program called “Don’t break the chain”. My goal is to write everyday, so I made a calendar on which I have to put a cross everyday I write. The more I respect the calendar, the more crosses there are and it will (I hope) encourage me in keeping on writing.  


What I am working on

(I wrote yesterday about my writings for the summer, and I said I was working on something bigger. I still don’t know where I am going to, but here is an extract of what I’ve done so far. This is not the original text, as I am writing in French but a quick translation I’ve done. Sorry for the syntax.)

For a while, I have thought that happiness didn’t exist, or that it existed only in fairy tales. I have, of course, had moments of joy, but I never thought these feelings would last. Isn’t happiness an eternal joy, the feeling that everything would be fine, forever.

For years, I denied the existence of happiness itself, and then I understood that we could decide whether to be happy or not. Nonetheless, I needed time for an epiphany to manifest itself.

It started few months ago, when I met a friend from childhood. Summer was almost over, and for the first time, I was to enter university. Some of the trees has already started to loose their leaves and the temperature had fallen. I was walking to university, smelling the morning fresh air. The sun was slowly moving in the sky, and clouds were threatening us with rain.

I find my inspiration listening to Sigur Rós

I thought of many ways to say this but there’s not a hundred of them. I must make it clear, quick and simple : Sigur Rós is the best band I have discovered so far.

Those who know the band won’t ask me why, I assume (unless they dislike it, which I doubt). For people who don’t know the group and are curious enough to check it, I can only encourage you to do so.

Before I knew their music, there was something missing in my life, I was lost in the ocean (cf. Sæglóþur). And then, I discovered Svefn-g-Englar (some of you may know it from 2001 Vanilla Sky). I couldn’t find the words to describe how I felt when I first listened to this song. It was a magic experience, like a dream.

This dream continued when I discovered Valtari. There is no need to say (I say it nevertheless) that I literally felt in love with the music, especially the song Ekki mùkk

My point here is that if you’re (like me) in lack of inspiration sometimes, you can find in their music the comfort you need as well as serenity.


Sharing your books

Yesterday, a local newspapers from the north of France published an article on a movement that has existed for a long time : bookcrossing. 

The concept : if you want to sort out your bookcase, whether you throw the books away (which is not really useful) or you give them to libraries, friends or strangers. If you want to follow the “trip” of your books, the international website bookcrossing gives you the opportunity to see where your babies are, who’s reading them. Some people like to place the book in a public area, offering it to the first stranger curious enough. The website allows you to print a sticker you can put on the book, which explains that it is not a lost property and that it can be taken home. 

Unfortunately, in the north of France, the cold and humid climate prevents us from abandoning the books on a bench. Therefore, we have taken advantage of a café to keep the books (and this is why the article exists).

The article is in French and it explains the procedure you can find on the bookcrossing website. 

Facebook page I created for the movement (in French) :

ImagePublished in La Voix du Nord on Feb. 26th 2013, written by Céline Rudz