Geysir – Iceland 2016

I recently published pictures of Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik and I thought tonight was a good time for some landscape pictures.

This is the site where Geysir is and from the top of the mount at the back of the first picture, we had an amazing view on a valley with streams and colourful grounds.

I wish the sky had been blue for better pictures. I’m really not good with grey skies.IMG_9725IMG_9741

I am still alive.

Yes, I haven’t been publishing for a while, although I have been writing.

I am currently working on two projects. One is more or less like what I am used to, a kind of essay on life, a way to understand others around me and get a deeper understanding of society.

The second one is completely different. It may (I would even say ‘will’) not interest everyone. I am planning (once again, remember that I am a very [very, very] lazy person and I might abandon the project (I hope I won’t), I am planning to create a second blog on which I will be discussing my life in Dublin. I think it can be very interesting, both for me and potential readers, to read and talk about life in Ireland, which is so different from what I was used to.

Keep you updated (hope to get started this week end).


It was ten or so. The sun was already hidden behind the sea which was calm on this summer evening. The sky was still reflecting the warm day we had lived. Sitting on the wet and fresh sand, staring at the waves crashing near our feet, we were talking. Behind us, an orange and well-rounded moon was rising in the sky from the dune and slowly reaching its place in a sky filled with stars.

I don’t know if it was because of the beauty of the place, or the beauty of the moment, or because of the drug I had smoked, but at this exact moment, I knew what happiness was like.

Don’t break the chain

I know myself… well, more or less. What I am sure though is that I am lazy. Therefore, in order to write regularly, I need some discipline. 

I have started a program called “Don’t break the chain”. My goal is to write everyday, so I made a calendar on which I have to put a cross everyday I write. The more I respect the calendar, the more crosses there are and it will (I hope) encourage me in keeping on writing.  

What I am working on

(I wrote yesterday about my writings for the summer, and I said I was working on something bigger. I still don’t know where I am going to, but here is an extract of what I’ve done so far. This is not the original text, as I am writing in French but a quick translation I’ve done. Sorry for the syntax.)

For a while, I have thought that happiness didn’t exist, or that it existed only in fairy tales. I have, of course, had moments of joy, but I never thought these feelings would last. Isn’t happiness an eternal joy, the feeling that everything would be fine, forever.

For years, I denied the existence of happiness itself, and then I understood that we could decide whether to be happy or not. Nonetheless, I needed time for an epiphany to manifest itself.

It started few months ago, when I met a friend from childhood. Summer was almost over, and for the first time, I was to enter university. Some of the trees has already started to loose their leaves and the temperature had fallen. I was walking to university, smelling the morning fresh air. The sun was slowly moving in the sky, and clouds were threatening us with rain.