Snowy photograph and poem

Sans titre 1

As I look through the window
And lay my eyes on the snow,
I embrace my dreams of the unknown,
In which I travel alone.


The Start of Summer Sunsets

When you live by the sea, you get a chance to enjoy amazing sunsets, especially during summer. Every night brings you new colours, and new feelings. I have always felt that the contemplation of sunsets was the best remedy to the small troubles of life.

The following pictures will show you the evolution of colours on a beautiful, yet cold, summer night.

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Hopefully, the weather will improve soon and I’ll be able to go on more expeditions.

1/ 10 pm, blurry sunset

2/ 11 pm, north of France, with a 30-second exposure

3/ 11 pm, friends celebrating summer



Geysir – Iceland 2016

I recently published pictures of Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik and I thought tonight was a good time for some landscape pictures.

This is the site where Geysir is and from the top of the mount at the back of the first picture, we had an amazing view on a valley with streams and colourful grounds.

I wish the sky had been blue for better pictures. I’m really not good with grey skies.IMG_9725IMG_9741

Poem #1 : Forest, or the Death of Romanticism

ForestThere was a boy, his name was Tommy.
For a while, he thought he was happy.

A beloved child and friend,
A handsome and smooth talking teenager,
Who believed he would always succeed.

One day, he realized he was a thinker,
A poet, a singer…
Beauty was no more a matter.

Alone, he would lie for hours,
In a forest, near some flowers.

His friends recognized him no more,
Even his parents would ignore
The lonely boy curled up on the floor.

He was a loner, a dreamer,
A helpless romantic.
He isolated himself deeper.

Once, he entered a forest,
And never was he seen again,
For his thoughts caused his bane.