What about the self?

We think that we make our own choices, that we follow our own path, even that we can change a part of our personality easily but this is not true. I remember when I was in high school, during my last year, my philosophy teacher had told me that we could not change, even with the strongest will we had, the only thing that would change us is anything but us. Of course, I did not believe her.

Now, almost four years later, I realise that what she said was almost true. We don’t change by ourselves. We let others influence our mind, our life, and even the strongest choice we had once made is sometimes destroyed by someone or something that appears in our lives.

Have you ever looked at something you had written when you were younger, or even thought of the music you listened to. Didn’t this seem like someone else, a stranger, a usurper?

Don’t trust what you believe in, because it is ephemeral.


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