The Y Generation

I have just read an essay on the Beat Generation by Jack Kerouac (you may know On The Road) and it made me think of my own generation.

I was born in the early nineties, a few years before the multimedia expansion. As people who were born at the same time, I was ranked among the “Y Generation”. I recently learnt that Y stand for WHY (it seems logical but in French, there is no link between the letter and the pronoun.), therefore we are the generation wondering about the meaning of things, of life. When the general question is “how?”, we are the teenagers asking “why?”.

For a while, I have thought this was true. What is the meaning of life? Why do we have to suffer? Does happiness exist? These are questions I have asked myself. And I thought this was the same for all teenagers, at least for those from the “Y Generation”.

But now, I feel like teenagers care no more, even I care less. We have Internet, we have phones, we have (virtual) friends. Is there any need to know why we live? Isn’t it more important to simply live? 


Please, feel free to comment, I would love to get your thoughts about this.


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