What I am working on

(I wrote yesterday about my writings for the summer, and I said I was working on something bigger. I still don’t know where I am going to, but here is an extract of what I’ve done so far. This is not the original text, as I am writing in French but a quick translation I’ve done. Sorry for the syntax.)

For a while, I have thought that happiness didn’t exist, or that it existed only in fairy tales. I have, of course, had moments of joy, but I never thought these feelings would last. Isn’t happiness an eternal joy, the feeling that everything would be fine, forever.

For years, I denied the existence of happiness itself, and then I understood that we could decide whether to be happy or not. Nonetheless, I needed time for an epiphany to manifest itself.

It started few months ago, when I met a friend from childhood. Summer was almost over, and for the first time, I was to enter university. Some of the trees has already started to loose their leaves and the temperature had fallen. I was walking to university, smelling the morning fresh air. The sun was slowly moving in the sky, and clouds were threatening us with rain.


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